Cosmetology Individual Course

Length: 4 Hours | Format: Internet/Audio/Text

Course#: CSTX-003 | Cost: $19.95

This class begins with an overview of Anatomy and Physiology and a preview of the body regions and functions. It then covers the characteristics of life and how the body works to maintain stable conditions. It introduces a set of standard terms for body structures and for planes and positions in the body that will serve as a foundation for more comprehensive information covered later in the course.

We conclude with a discussion on the Integumentary System. The Integumentary system consists of the skin, hair, nails, glands and nerves.  Its main function is to act as a barrier to protect the body from the outside world. It also functions to retain body fluids, protect against disease, eliminate waste products, and regulate body temperature. This course includes the 1-hour Sanitation Class and 1-hour Laws and Regulation class which includes Human Trafficking and meets the 4-hour TDLR CE requirements.

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