Our Texas Cosmetology license courses are available in three languages

Each of the following courses is necessary for Texas Cosmetology license renewal.

Cosmetology – Operator and Specialist

4 Hours CSTX-004 Internet/Audio/Text $19.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

Safety and Sanitation Course

1 Hour 24285 Internet/Audio/Text $14.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

Cosmetology Instructor Course

4 Hours 24283 Internet/Audio/Text $19.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

Educación Continua Para Operadores ...

4 Hours 50173 Internet/Audio/Texto $19.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

Seguridad y Saneamiento de Cosmetol...

1 Hour 50167 Internet/Audio/Texto $14.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

CE Para El Instructor de Cosmetolog...

4 Hours 50221 Internet/Audio/Texto $19.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

Khoa Huc Giao Duc Thuong Xuyen Tham...

4 Hours 49217 Internet/Âm thanh/Văn bản $19.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

An Toàn Và Ve Sinh (Safety and Sani...

1 Hour 49206 Internet/Âm thanh/Văn bản $14.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE

Giaio duc Thurong Xuyen Tham My Gia...

4 Hours 49252 Internet/Âm thanh/Văn bản $19.95 ENROLL LEARN MORE
See a Step-by-Step Guideline on How to Renew Your Texas Cosmetology License

You can preview our Texas Cosmetology Continuing Education course videos in full for free, but you must enroll to get credit with TDLR.

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