Customer Relationship Tools

SMS/Texting Services

Customer Communications

Keep Your Customer Involved! There are many inexpensive ways to stay in touch with your customer, these methods will impress your customer and keep them and you informed of any changes in the appointment.

We put today’s most popular method of communication to work for you. SMS or texting is our communication foundation or our customer relations program. Why we like this plan is its affordable, simple, effective, and impressive. See the details to plan below:

Customer Welcome Message

Once your customer sets an appointment a “Thank You” text message and/or an email is sent to your customer.
This appointment is also sent to your to-do calendar.

Courtesy Reminder

This feature sends a reminder of your appointment to the customer via email or text, one hour, one day – you decide – prior to the appointment date and time.

Customer Survey

How Did We Do! Following the completion of your appointment a “Customer Survey” by email/text will be sent to the customer inquiring how they liked the services performed. This is the most important part of the relationship-building process with the customer, this is actually where the Customer/Electrician relationship begins.

Stay In Control

Stay In Control! These tools allow you to stay in control of appointments from start to finish but most importantly it keeps your customer involved in the process, leading to a satisfied customer and customer referrals.

Electronic Calendar

We’ll Help You Manage Your Time! At the beginning of the week you will be sent your appointment calendar for the week. By employing these tools it gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are providing excelent customer service and keeping your customer involved throughout the process.


SMS/Texting Digital Marketing Package
Monthly: $45.00
Annual: $360